Rose Tree

Tune: Rose Tree


Formation: A square set of four, each dancer with one stick. Musician is at the top of the set. The dancers number 1 to 4. 1 is to the musician’s right, 2 is to the musician’s left. Continuing clockwise around the set are 3 and 4. 1 and 2 are partners, as are 3 and 4. Partners face each other to begin dance. 1 calls the dance including “this time” to start the dance.

Sticks: On shoulders except when clashing.

Sequence: Once to yourself, Little rounds into Big, Chorus, Dogbone, Chorus, Star, Chorus, Bombast, Chorus, Spokes, Chorus and off.

Chorus: 1 and 3 clash sticks diagonally across set—tips then buts, swinging in a counterclockwise circle as though sword fighting. Then partners clash sticks across set the same way. Then 2 and 4 clash sticks diagonally across the same way. Then partners hit tips forward and backhand. Then 1 and 3 toss sticks diagonally across set and then 2 and 4 toss sticks diagonally across set. Partners clash backhand and take 4 steps over their right shoulder (little rounds—see below) and back to place.

Once to yourself: Clash on the eighth beat backhand with partner.

Little rounds into Big: Little rounds (Take two steps straight toward the dancer on your right then continuing to the right take two steps to circle back to place—in a D shape). Dance right into Big rounds (whole group circles clockwise until back to places).

Dogbones: Pass right shoulders across the set. At partner’s place swerve right and loop left back to your partner’s place. Repeat, ending in your original place.